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#REDIRECT [http://www.dit.upm.es/vnx]
{{Title|VNX Project Documentation}}
{{Title|VNX Project Documentation}}

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VNX Project Documentation

VNX (Virtualization over X) is the new release of the VNUML tool. VNX brings important new functionalities that overcome the most important limitations VNUML tool has:

  • Integration of new virtualization platforms to allow virtual machines running other operating systems (Windows, FreeBSD, etc) apart from Linux. In this sense:
    • VNX uses libvirt to interact with the virtualization capabilities, allowing the use of most of the virtualization platforms available for Linux (KVM, Xen, etc)
    • Integrates Dynamips to allow limited emulation of CISCO routers
  • Restart of individual virtual machines
  • Autoconfiguration and command execution capabilities for several operating systems: Linux, FreeBSD and Windows (XP and 7).

Information for users

Downloading VNX

You can download VNX from http://idefix.dit.upm.es/download/vnx

VNX Root filesystems are temporarily hosted in http://idefix.dit.upm.es/download/vnx/filesystems