Shipping to Spain from NY

Pablo Lanza

Spring 1993

Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 10:45:01 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jesus Monclus 
To: Angel Alvarez 

Hola Angel:

Te envio este y otro mensaje a continuacion con informacion que puede ser
util para otros becarios en relacion al envio de vehiculos de vuelta a 
Espan~a. He pedido como una docena de precios y este es el mas economico. 
No solo eso, sino que tambien ha sido quien mas informacion me ha enviado 
con todo tipo de detalles (se ve que no es la primera vez que la envia por
correo electronico).

Un saludo,
Jesus Monclus

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Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 14:24:35 -0400
From: Daniel P Stephens 
To: jmonclus@SEAS.GWU.EDU
Subject: QUOTE# 081199E (Please reference in all correspondence)

Thank you for your inquiry! My offer is based on the following:
Description: 1 @ 1998 Plymouth Neon
Port of export ...................... Baltimore, MD
Final port of unloading ............. Barcelona, Spain
Ships sail from the port of export ............. every 2/3 days
Ships arrive to port of unloading .............. within 21/25 days
Declared value for cargo marine coverage ....... none declared

Q U O T E   B R E A K D O W N:

$ 645.00 ocean freight
$  70.00 origin (US) terminal handling charge
$   5.48 pier charge / warfage
$ 720.48 TOTAL due in US$ certified funds

$ 150.00 standard service fee
$ 150.00 TOTAL due in US$ certified funds

Y = YES, the service is included in this quotation
N = NO, the service is not included in this quotation
C = Yes, the service is included but no additional CHARGE is listed
A = Information regarding the service is not AVAILABLE
O = I do not OFFER the service
X = This service is not applicable or not necessary

"Is this included in the quotation above...?" (*see KEY above)
N ............. Pick-up service
N ............. Delivery to the port of export
Y ............. Ocean freight
Y ............. Origin terminal handling charge
Y ............. Pier charge / warfage
Y ............. My standard service fee
C ............. Customs document validation (for export authorization)
X ............. Foreign consular legalization service
N ............. Express document courier service
N ............. Cargo insurance coverage
N ............. Destination terminal receiving charge
X ............. Overland delivery to final service destination
N ............. Transit (temporary) customs clearance
N ............. Final customs clearance
A&O ........... Import taxes
A&O ........... Import duties


I N L A N D   T R A N S P O R T A T I O N   S E R V I C E S
-This charge pays the auto transporter or an agent to collect the auto
from a residence & deliver it to a loading terminal.
-The charge is applicable only if the auto transporter that I contract
with is prohibited from entering residential neighborhoods or the
shipper requests additional services.
-This charge is always considered an option because you can opt make
your own arrangements to deliver the vehicle to the port of export
thereby eliminating the charge.

-This charge pays the auto transporter to deliver the vehicle from the
origin terminal to the port of export.
-This charge is always considered an option because you can opt make
your own arrangements to deliver the vehicle to the port of export
thereby eliminating the charge. 

O C E A N   T R A N S P O R T A T I O N   S E R V I C E S
-The freight charge pays for the cargo's conveyance from origin to

-The charge associated with securing an automobile to the floor of an
ocean container so that it will not move during transit.
-This charge normally includes the cost of the straps, lumber & labor

-This rate fluctuates with the rate of exchange between US Dollars &
the currency at destination.
-This rate is adjusted only periodically, not daily.
-This charge is utilized by the ocean line to have the ability to 
adjust their filed tariff rates 'across-the-board' without having to
amend each & every rate.

-This rate fluctuates with the price of crude oil.
-This rate is adjusted only periodically, not daily.
-This charge is utilized by the ocean line to have the ability to 
adjust their filed tariff rates 'across-the-board' without having to
amend each & every rate.

-The origin terminal handling charge pays for the origin terminal to
receive your cargo & hold it until the vessel arrives to collect it. It
also pays the stevedores (dockmen) to load your cargo onto the vessel. 

-This charge pays for maintinence & upkeep of the port property (which
is usually owned by the taxpayers of the surrounding metropolitan area).

F R E I G H T   F O R W A R D I N G   S E R V I C E S
-This charge pays for my service which include:
* booking passage for your cargo on the proper carrier
* coordinating the transfer of your cargo between the various carriers
  preparing all of the necessary export documents (the Dock Receipt, the
  Bills of Lading, etc.) 
* coordinate the submission of these documents to the proper parties at
  at the proper time
* monitoring your shipment while it is in the possession of the carriers 
* acting as liason between you & the carriers 
* arranging for cargo marine insurance coverage 
* arranging for cargo inspections (if applicable) 
* arranging for consular legalization (if applicable) 
* advising you of the most efficient carriage available for your vehicle 

-This fee is applicable only if someone other than the Shipper is
required to have the export documents validated. (Applicable only in
certain ports). 

-Some countries require that their local embassies inspect the shipping
documents prior to the freight's arrival overseas. For more information
regarding this type of service please contact Xport Services @ toll-free
800-345-1996. If the service is required I will gladly provide the
service at cost. :)

-This service is optional but available at the rate of $1.25 per $100.00
declared value with a $500.00 deductible.
-The following risks are covered:
* theft * pilferage * damage * total loss * war * stranding * jettison *
* burning * nuclear * Acts of God * non-delivery * explosion *
-The following risks are excluded from coverage:
* marring * chipping * denting * scratching *
-Other conditions & restrictions apply. 

-This includes Federal Express service from my office to the port & from
my office to the vehicle's Recipient overseas. 
-This service is available via a 3rd party's account# or my account#,
however the costs for using my account are not included above. 

D E S T I N A T I O N   R E C E I V I N G   S E R V I C E S
-The destination terminal handling charge pays for the destination
terminal to off-load your cargo from the vessel & hold it until the
recipient arrives to collect it. It does not include any storage charges
for vehicles left past the alotted 'free time' of 3 days.

-Most countries will assess a tax or duty on imported cargo, except
under special circumstances like military service or temporary travel.
-You should consult with a customhouse broker to discover if you will be
expected to pay any taxes or duties. 

-This is the service fee that a customhouse broker would charge to act
on your behalf in order to file import documents with local customs.


The prices that I have quoted are for the services of common carriers.
I do not own nor do I manage the vessels/aircraft/trucks whose services
I utilize, thus I cannot guarantee that their terms will not change. :(


The normal course of operating my business keeps me in constant contact
with these carriers. I study freight journals and I have agents world-
wide that keep me abreast of local developments. My job is to know.

If you have any questions about my services or the services of the
carriers that I use please don't hesitate to ask & I'll gladly address
your concerns. Thank you for the opportunity to service your shipping


Dan Stephens
Telephone 407-894-9253
Facsimile 407-898-4067

Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 10:45:13 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jesus Monclus 
To: Angel Alvarez 
Subject: Re: QUOTE# 081199E (Please reference in all correspondence) (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 12:18:30 -0400
From: Daniel P Stephens 
To: Jesus Monclus 
Subject: Re: QUOTE# 081199E (Please reference in all correspondence)

Jesus Monclus wrote:
> Dear Daniel:
> Thank you very much for you detailed quote. 
> Since I am interested in your quoted services, I would like to inquiry you
> also on the practical procedure I have to follow. I mean, timeframes and
> paperwork I need to submit you in order to ship the vehicle to Spain. Let
> us say that I drive my car to Baltimore on Friday 27th, what would the
> previous steps be?
> Again, thanks for all your help. I am looking forward to receiving your
> information:
> Jesus Monclus

                        HOW TO USE THIS SERVICE

-1 signed, original TERMS & CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT
 [FORMAT: n/a]

 [FORMAT: Complete & submit 'as is' online]

-PAYMENT of freight forwarding services in the amount of $150.00
 [FORMAT: cashier's check made payable to DANIEL P STEPHENS]
 [LOCATE AT: n/a]
*Please note that cargo marine insurance coverage is NOT included in
 my quotation. The service is available at the rate of $1.25 per
 $100.00 declared value. If you would like to utilize this coverage
 please add the appropriate cost for coverage in the cashier's check
 above. If you would like assistance in determining the exact amount
 please feel free to contact me again & I'll gladly calculate the
 charge for you.

-PAYMENT of freight services in the amount of $720.48
 [FORMAT: cashier's check made payable to WALLENIUS LINES]
 [LOCATE AT: n/a]

-DOCK RECEIPT - This document's function is to instruct & advise the
receiving terminal of the disposition of your vehicle (i.e. where it is
to be shipped, what vessel to load it onto, when it is to be loaded,
etc). This document will have the name, address & telephone# of the
receiving terminal printed on it.

these documents is to instruct & advise the steamship line of the
disposition of your vehicle. They are not much different from the Dock
Receipt, except that they are designed to furnish more information
concerning the ocean conveyance segment of your vehicle's transport,
whereas the Dock Receipt is designed to furnish more information about
the inland segment & the transaction between the delivering carrier &
the pier. The only difference between the two is that Bill of Lading
Master & the Datafreight Receipt Master is that the Bill of Lading
Master instructs the steamship line to produce a physical document
called a "Bill of Lading". If original Bills of Lading are produced then
you will be required to have those specific documents when you arrive at
the overseas pier to receive your vehicle. The other document, the
Datafreight Receipt Master, instructs the steamship line NOT to produce
Bills of Lading but to simply release the vehicle overseas to the
Consignee upon proper proof of identification. The advantage to using
the Datafreight Receipt method is that it reduces your shipping cost by
eliminating the expense of document couriers & it reduces the chance of
delays due to lost documents. I will provide you with a rated copy as a
receipt for your payment. This document will have the name, address &
telephone# of the overseas terminal printed on it.

-SHIPPER'S EXPORT DECLARATION - This document's function is to report to
the US Department of Commerce the details of your shipment. They, in
turn, use the information to compile the nation's quarterly trade
statistics. (When you hear or read about the "trade deficit" in the
national news, this is how that figure was derived.)

-LETTER OF INTENT TO SHIP - This document advises US Customs of the
location that your vehicle will be for the 72-hour period prior to the
vessel's departure. It also provides then with a written record of all
parties responsible with the exportation of the vehicle.

-FREIGHT INVOICE - This document is nearly identical to the BILL OF
that it is rated & reflects your total payment. If your payment has
been received then it will be marked "Paid in full" & if not then it
will act as your invoice.

-MAPS TO THE TERMINAL - I can obtain maps from the MapQuest
internet site upon your request or, if you prefer, you can print
your own maps by visiting their site at

 [FORMAT: Photocopies need NOT be certified.]
 [LOCATE AT: n/a]

-1 original & photocopies of a LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION from all lien
 [FORMAT: The letter must be written on the lien holder's letterhead.
 *It must describe the vehicle by year/make/model/VIN#.
 *It must acknowledge that the lien holder is aware that the vehicle
  is to be shipped overseas.
 *It must be signed by the lien holder (if lien holder is a private
  individual) or an officer of the finance company that has a
  beneficial interest in the vehicle.
 *If the lien holder is unwilling to surrender the original Title then
  their letter must include a statement that they are in possession of
  the original Title & that they are unwilling to surrender the same due
  to an unsatisfied lien still pending against the vehicle. They must
  also provide photocopies of the front & back sides of the Title. The
  photocopies need not be certified by a Notary Public.]
 [LOCATE AT: Obtain from applicable lien holder(s) or finance company.]


SET ONE (for US Customs):
-Title document ................................................... COPY
-Letter of Authorization to Export (from lien holder(s)) ...... ORIGINAL
-Letter of Intent ............................................. ORIGINAL
-Dock Receipt ..................................................... COPY
-DataFreight Receipt .............................................. COPY
-Shipper's Export Declaration ................. WITH ORIGINAL SIGNATURES

SET TWO (for the export terminal):
-Title document ................................................... COPY
-Letter of Authorization to Export (from lien holder(s)) .......... COPY
-Letter of Intent ................................................. COPY
-Dock Receipt ..................................................... COPY
-DataFreight Receipt .............................................. COPY
-Shipper's Export Declaration ..................................... COPY

SET THREE (for you, the Shipper):
-Title document ............................................... ORIGINAL
-Letter of Authorization to Export (from lien holder(s)) .......... COPY
-Letter of Intent ................................................. COPY
-Dock Receipt ..................................................... COPY
-DataFreight Receipt .............................................. COPY
-Shipper's Export Declaration ..................................... COPY

*These 3 sets together make up the EXPORT DOCUMENT PACKET. You will be
required to deliver your vehicle to the pier along with the EXPORT
DOCUMENT PACKET. I will, of course, discuss all of this with you via
a telephone call prior to your attempting to deliver the vehicle. :)

If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to contact
me again & I'll gladly address your concerns. Thanks again for allowing
me the opportunity to service your shipping needs!


Dan Stephens
Telephone 407-894-9253
Facsimile 407-898-4067

Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 23:04:19 -0400
From: Jose Burillo <>

La companía Astro se puede contactar en el (617) 323-6993 o en La verdad es que el precio esta muy bien.

Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 13:09:53 -0400
From: Pau Sola-Morales <>
To: Jesus Monclus <jmonclus@SEAS.GWU.EDU>
Subject: Astro

Hey muchachos!

Muy buenas noticias de Astro! Un container, de medidas 20 pies de largo,
8 de ancho y 8 de alto, enviado al puerto de Barcelona, cuesta solo
$1,575!!! Tienen otro container, de 40 pies de largo, por $1,930.

Acabo de hablar con Rick, un empleado de Astro, y me ha dado todos los
detalles. Hay dos posibilidades: o bien ellos llevan el container a
algun sitio donde se esta un par de dias y nosotros lo cargamos, o bien
podemos llevar todas las cajas a su almacen en Norwood y ellos lo cargan
(lo cual cuesta $175). Entonces ellos llevan el container al puerto.

Me ha dicho que no hay ninguna declaracion que hacer, solamente pasar
las aduanas en Barcelona. Por tanto, no hay ningun problema en que
varios de nosotros no estemos presentes en el momento del envio. Lo
unico es que en el papel que el rellena, me ha dicho que solamente puede
poner un nombre, por tanto tiene que haber uno de nosotros que sepa
seguro que va a estar en Barcelona en el momento de la entrega y que se
haga cargo de los tramites de la aduana.

Un detalle que puede ser complicado. Me ha dicho que en Barcelona no nos
dejaran vaciar el container en medio del puerto de Barcelona, sino que
tendriamos que contratar una companía o algo que nos llevara el
container a algun sitio en Barcelona donde todos podamos ir a buscar las
cosas. Eso no sera facil dado que mover un container de ese tamanó es
complicado... En fin, no lo se. Pero el precio es muy apetecible...

Ya me direis que os parece.

Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 13:19:19 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jesus Monclus <jmonclus@SEAS.GWU.EDU>
From: Jesus Monclus <>

He estado hablando con Tony de "Pinto Trading Corp." (973) 344 7748, que
es la empresa que aparece indicada en la información que Angel Alvarez ha
puesto en

Un contenedor de 20 pies a Barcelona cuesta $2000 y uno de 40 pies $2500.
Ellos funcionan de la siguiente manera: un camión te lleva el contenedor a
casa y espera dos o tres horas mientras se carga. El precio que acabo de
indicar considera que el contenedor se carga en Baltimore. Nueva York
costaría el mismo dinero. También pueden dejarlo un fin de semana aparcado 
frente a la casa, aunque se me ha olvidado preguntar si hay coste adicional 
por esto. También he preguntado cuál es la diferencia en precio entre 
cargarlo directamente en el puerto de Baltimore y que lo llevaran, por 
ejemplo, a mi casa en el área de Washington DC y Tony me ha dicho que 
serían unos $100 dolares (al principio yo habia pensado que sería mayor).

El precio incluye llevar el contenedor a una dirección particular, la
espera del conductor mientras se carga, el envío a Barcelona y un Pier
Charge de $200 en Barcelona. Segun parece, lo único que hay que pagar 
aparte de los 2000/2500 sería el seguro y aduanas españolas, si fuera el

Como os decía en un mensaje previo, todo debe ir a nombre de una sola
persona, por cuestiones de aduana. Total Loss Insurance cuesta $7.5 por
cada $1000 dólares asegurados y solo cubre si el barco se hunde o 
desaparece en el cuadrilátero de las Bermudas; All Risk Insurance, el 
cuál incluye incendio y otras cosas más comunes, cuesta $17.5 por cada 
$1000 asegurados.

Hay un envío semanal y el contenedor tarda en llegar entre 25 y 28 días.

A mí, el precio me parece razonable (es más barato que el precio que Pablo
Lanza indica en la referida información en el año 1993). La gestión
parece bastante transparente y no parece haber tarifas extrañas.

Esto es lo que se puede encontrar por el este de USA, concretamente por la zona de NY. En otras zonas, pregunta en la Oficina de Estudiantes Internacionales de tu Universidad. Allí suelen tener información de empresas que te pueden hacer el porting. Precios y teléfonos de contacto are as primavera 1993. Puede que haya habido algunos cambios.

Para transportar sólo el coche, ésta es relativamente barata y bastante fiable:

        Auto Overseas
        (212) 594-3939
        Mr. Peter Bachman o James Magana

Esta gente manda el coche de Wilmington, DE a Valencia por unos $1,400 con seguro. Cualquier otro puerto en España resulta mucho mas caro (cada compañía debe tener su puerto preferente en cada país).

Si aparte del coche tenéis otros objetos voluminosos, lo mejor es alquilar un contenedor, bien para uno solo o entre varios. Aquí podéis meter el coche y todo tipo de stuff, y lo cierra uno mismo en el puerto de origen, quedándose con las llaves (eso sí, el candado lo tienes que poner tú). Luego uno mismo lo abre en el puerto de destino; de esta forma la posibilidad de robo o daño parece muy remota.

La empresa que me ha hecho a mí el traslado (y a otros cuatro o cinco Spaniards que conozco) es:

        Pinto Trading Corp.
        45 New York Avenue
        Newark, NJ 07105
        (201) 344-7748
        Fax: (201) 344-3736
        Mr. Anthony Pinto

Se puede elegir entre un contenedor pequeño (20x7x7 pies) o uno grande (40x7x7).

En el grande caben bien dos coches, además de bastante material (muebles, PCs, frigoríficos, cuñadas feministas...). En mi contenedor trajimos: un Mazda MX3, un Mazda MX5, una Suzuki Bandit 600, una Mountain Bike, cajas y cajas de libros y ropa, esquís, tres ordenadores, muebles varios, etc. El contenedor llegó a Madrid en justo un mes desde el día que salió de Pittsburgh.

El trayecto más barato en este caso es Newark - Bilbao. El contenedor grande son $2800 + seguro. El seguro son $16 por cada $1000 de valor declarado. El pequeño creo que ronda los $2300. Se puede tener un seguro más barato que asegura solo la pérdida total (e.g. hundimiento del barco). Y los coches tienen algunas cláusulas de seguro especiales. Preguntad a Mr. Pinto en caso de duda; incluso habla un español bastante decente.

Este Pinto tiene un almacén en Newark con electrodomésticos de norma europea (vídeos, TV, frigoríficos, lavadoras....), y siempre os podéis pasar por el almacén y encargar algo para que os lo pongan en el contenedor. Mr. Pinto no pone ningún reparo para hacer facturas con más de seis meses de antigüedad (Mr. Pinto es portugués, sangre ibérica...).

Para transportar objetos varios, sin coche, ahí van algunos números:

        American Export Lines
        (718) 917-7702
        FAX (718) 917 6494
        Peter Serpa

Tarifa: $225 por cada 35 pies cúbicos ( 1 metro cubico) ó 1000 Kg. más $70 para documentación, más seguro: 1.5$ por cada 100$ de valor ($20 mínimo).

        Trans-Con       (212) 585-1600
        Felix Jimenez   (201) 935-6999
        Transatlantica  (212) 925-3838
        Eduardo Mosqueda (718) 720-1200

También se pueden mandar libros por correo, en una saca, y parece que es bastante barato, pero dicen que puede llegar a tardar medio año, y llegar un poco deteriorados.