PATAM Protocol Stack 

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PATAM: IPv6 over ATM with RSVP support for Windows NT

As part of our contribution to Broadband Trial Integration (BTI) ACTS project, DIT-UPM and IT-UC3M have developped and integrated a complete protocol stack for Windows NT that implements Integrated Services Internet approach over IPv6 and ATM networks. 

PATAM stack offers QoS support to applications through a standard Winsock2 API. The stack includes an IPv6 over ATM SVCs implementation with full multicast an RSVP over IPv6 protocol daemon with traffic control support over ATM networks.

PATAM stack is made of three main components:

  • A Winsock2 based RSVP protocol implementation for Windows NT, which runs over IPv6 and includes traffic control functionallity for ATM networks. Controlled Load RSVP reservations are mapped to CBR multicast ATM circuits following RSVP over ATM IETF specifications. The core protocol of our implementation has been based on ISI's RSVP well-known implementation.

  • An IPv6 over ATM driver with full dynamic multicast support based on MARS IETF protocol working in "VC mesh" mode. The driver is responsible of dynamically establishing all the necessary point-to-point and mutipoint ATM circuits (SVCs), either with the router or with other participants in the subnet, either UBR for best effort traffic or CBR for QoS traffic. It also has to classify and schedule the transmission of IPv6 packets through ATM circuits. This driver have been basically written from scratch, although part of MARS client functionallity have been reused from NIST's MARS LINUX implementation.

  • An IPv6 stack, which is a modified version of Microsoft Research's IPv6 v1.4 stack. MSR IPv6 stack has been modified to include a pseudo ATM network interface to access PATAM driver and to include a new low level API to allow RSVP protocol to send and receive RSVP messages over raw IPv6 packets and have access to IPv6 interfaces/ addresses information.

See the README files in each directory of PATAM distribution for more information about system requirements and installation of each component. For more technical details about PATAM, you can have a look at PATAM.DOC document, which is a extract from one of the public deliverables of BTI project.


This work was been partly supported by the EU Commission under the ACTS project 362 BTI. DIT-UPM and IT-UC3M would like to thank all the partners involved in BTI project and also the ACTS Project Manager for their possitive collaboration and contribution to the project success. 

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