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Ver: 0.2

Date: April 1st, 2000

Windows NT service that executes MSRIPv6 configuration commands at startup time. Very useful to avoid having to configure manually IPv6 prefixes, routes, etc each time windows starts. Works in Windows NT and 2000, although in 2000 the same can be easily done with the Scheduled Tasks and a simple script file. (Source code included). See README

Ver: 1.13

Date: April 7th, 2000

WinNetTest is a network performance measurement application for Windows 9X/NT/2000. It is conceptually similar to the classic unix ttcp tool, but includes much more options to define the traffic characteristics of the test, and it includes a Windows user interface. Currently, supports tests over TCP and UDP protocols either using IPv4 or IPv6 (it has been tested with Microsoft Research's IPv6 implementation). See README

Please, let us know if you find any of theses utilities useful or if you have any comment, idea, bug-report, etc. Drop us a message to bti@dit.upm.es

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