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ISORC 2010 Symposium
General Introduction

This is the 13th IEEE Computer Society symposium dealing with the rapidly expanding field of object/component/service-oriented real-time distributed computing (ORC) technology. The principal theme of ISORC is the use of the object, component, and service-oriented computing paradigms - which has prevailed in many non-real-time applications in the past decade - in a wide variety of real-time applications. In the ISORC series, this paradigm emphasizes its spirit of openness where diverse views and new approaches to challenging issues can be freely discussed.

ISORC 2010 will be organized in Parador of Carmona in Spain, May 5-6.


Registration is available

Last date for registration April 23, 2010



Topics of Interest

Topics of interest include all aspects of ORC, including but not limited to the following:

Programming and system engineering

ORC paradigms, object models, languages, RT Corba, RT DCOM/.NET, RT RMI, RT Java, UML, application programming interface (API), specification, design, verification, validation, testing, maintenance, etc.

Distributed computing and communication infrastructures

Internet QoS (quality of service), real-time communication, networked computing platforms, protocols, inter-operability, security, fault tolerance, virtual subnets for ORC.

System software

Real-time kernels and operating systems, middleware support for ORC, QoS management, extensibility, synchronization, resource allocation, scheduling.


embedded systems (automotive, avionics, consumer electronics, building systems, etc), multimedia processing, Web-based applications, real-time object-oriented simulations.

System evaluation

output accuracy, timeliness, worst-case execution time, dependability, overhead.

Papers dealing with other issues that are related to the specification, design, implementation, and evaluation of ORC systems are also welcome. To promote dialogues between researchers and users of ORC, contributions from industry are particularly welcome.

Following the tradition of ISORC, the conference program will consist of sessions of different formats:

  • Presentations of regular and short papers
  • Panel discussion
  • Keynote presentation
  • Sessions with presentations via remote video-conferencing.

This new presentation format shall give a limited number of people from industry that would otherwise not be able to attend the conference the opportunity to participate in the event.


Papers of particular merit will be considered for a special issue of the Journal 'Software: Practice & Experience.