Extras: This page contains avi clips of figure skating elements that don't fit into any of the other catagories. This page also contains some of my favorite "greatest hits", or "how I put my chiropractors kids through college" clips. Here is a link to a collection of Jozef Sabovcik video clips. They include a huge triple axel and quadruple toe loop.


butter2.avi (680 kb) Shepherd Clark doing a back sit spin with a butterfly entrance. Not the usual way of doing it, but showy.

stars1.avi (595 kb) Nancy Kerrigan doing several stars followed by a butterfly into a back sit spin and finishing with a back scratch spin.


spiral1.avi (850 kb) The lovely Caryn Kadavy doing a spiral.

Back Flip

bflip1.avi (500 kb) Jozef Sabovcik doing a back flip in a full layout position. Scott Hamilton claims it's an easy jump to do but a hard jump to learn. Not a jump you want to learn without somebody who knows what they're doing.


bspin1.avi (912 kb) Gary Beacom doing a ... uhm ... whatever it is that he does. I don't know what this is but it's pretty cool..

combo5.avi (550 kb) Rudy Galindo doing a flying camel followed by a position that doesn't have a name. At least not one that I'm aware of.


butter2.avi (680 kb) Shepherd Clark doing a butterfly into a back sit spin.

combo3.avi (880 kb) Jere Michael doing a combination flying camel, sit spin with-leg-behind-body, back cross foot spin. This spin is extrordinary. You have to be surgically de-boned to assume this sit spin position.

Split Jumps

rsplit4.avi (675 kb) Jozef Sabovcik doing an awesome Russian Split jump. The height and position he gets make him one of the best in the world at this jump. Freeze the clip at the top of the jump to see what a great position he's in.

split4.avi (565 kb) Denise Bielman doing a regular split jump. Freeze this clip when she's at the highest point in the jump to see how beautiful and high it is.

split5.avi (385 kb) Dorothy Hamill doing a nice split jump. She has the presence of mind the remember to smile in the middle of it.

Spread Eagle

spread1.avi (930 kb) Shepherd Clark doing a spread eagle the way it's supposed to be done.

spread2.avi (435 kb) The lovely Caryn Kadavy showing her lovely Rump Eagle. When Rump Eagles are outlawed, only outlaws will do Rump Eagles.

One of the most beloved moves in figure skating, it's also one of the easiest for people with open hips. It's as easy as walking. For people without open hips it's a nightmare. Some people can torque themselves into a very strained looking spread eagle. The further their rump is sticking out, the more strain they are putting into it. Rump Eagles should be outlawed. Finally, there are some people who are incapable of getting into a spread eagle no matter what they do. It has nothing to do with skill. Or stretching. It's genetics.

A good spread eagle is fast and on a deep edge. The skater is leaning way back and the body is straight as a board. No Rump Eagles. If the skater is going fast enough they can lean so far back the ice is brushing the edge of the boot.


stars1.avi (595 kb) Nancy Kerrigan doing several stars followed by a butterfly into a back sit spin and finishing with a back scratch spin.


walley1.avi (690 kb) John Balwin doing a walley. It's the same thing as a toe loop except he doesn't stick his toepick in the ice.


So, you think you're a tough guy? You're gonna need some Advil just to watch these clips. No steekin' sissies here, boy.

crash1.avi (595 kb) Pairs skaters Tristen Vega and Richard Alexander showing why it's important your life insurance is paid up.

crash2.avi (980 kb) German pairs champions Mandy Woetzel and Ingo Steuer in their famous crash from the 1994 Olympics. Mandy's chin and the ice are formally introduced to each other.

mid1.avi (525 kb) Japanese world champion Midori Ito sacked by a French skater in the backfield for a five yard loss.


stuicide.avi (35 kb) Stuart Sturgeon doing a unique jump. The closest description is it's a Russian split lutz. At the top of the jump his feet are over his head.

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