Jump Spin: Welcome to the Technical Figure Skating jump spin page. You can find AVI video clips of the most common flying spins in figure skating. A good flying spin is very impressive. Take a look at Boitano's death drop to see how big one of these things can be.

Flying Camel

combo3.avi (660 kb) Jere Michael doing a flying camel spin. He also does an extrodinary sit spin with the free leg behind and back cross foot spin. Not only is this extremely difficult, but he does it with great speed and position.

combo5.avi (550 kb) Rudy Galindo doing a flying camel followed by a position that doesn't have a name. At least not one that I'm aware of.

fcamel1.avi (530 kb) Amber Corwin doing a standard flying camel.

Flying Sit Spin

fsit1.avi (260 kb) Brian Boitano doing a mediocre flying sit spin. It's hard to get good examples because almost nobody does these anymore.

Flying Reverse Sit Spin

axsit1.avi (585 kb) John Baldwin doing a flying reverse sit spin, also known as an axel sit spin.

Death Drop

dd.avi (3 Mb) Brian Boitano doing his trademark death drop. Nobody does it bigger than Boitano with the possible exception of Jozef Sabovcik. I realize this file is big, but it's such a spectacular move I decided to make the image larger than normal.

dd1.avi (390 kb) Scott Davis doing a good death drop with a fast back sit spin.

The difference between an average death drop and a Boitano-esque death drop is that it is a jump first and a spin second. Most skaters break forwards at the waiste as they jump in anticipation of the spin. This forces the jump to be small. Note that Boitano and Davis don't break forwards until after they have jumped. They don't break forwards until forced to by the trailing leg coming up.

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