Welcome to the Technical Figure Skating videos page. This page contains information on various skating videos. It includes descriptions of technical videos, competition videos, various professional performances, etc. Of all the videos listed here, the Gustav Lussi videos are the most practical for learning how to spin. Hopefully someday they'll come out with the jump version of these tapes. The other major technical videos are from Ann Margreth Frei. Those tapes teach style rather than jump and spin. Read about my AMF story. There are also links to on line sources where you can buy some of this stuff. So get some popcorn, take the phone off the hook and fire up the 'ol vcr.


Magic of Style instructional videos from the Dr. Ruth of figure skating, Ann-Margreth Frei (read my Ann Margreth Frei story)

Rainbow Sports (1-800-752-8370) -- sells technical & non-technical skating videos

Lovena's Book Nook -- sells non-technical videos (competitions, shows, etc). Seems to have a lot of videos.

Since I have the 1998 catalog sitting in front of me, here are the videos currently sold through Rainbow.

  • Artistry on Ice
  • World Champions on Ice, Forever Gold
  • Stroking Excercises on Ice, Vol 1
  • Magic Memories on Ice, Volume 3
  • Winter Olympic Figure Skating Competition & Figure Skating Exhibition (doesn't say what year)
  • Winter Olympics Gift Set (1994)
  • Stroking Excercises on Ice, Volume 2
  • Spectator's Guide to Figure Skating
  • Skating Showcase
  • Sun Valley Serenade (Sonja Henie flick from 1941. Great big band music)
  • World Champions on Ice
  • World Champions on Ice II
  • Ice Skating All Stars, Russion Fair
  • The Nutcracker - Fantasy on Ice
  • The Sleeping Beauty
  • The Oksana Baiul Story
  • "Moves in the Field" from PSA Volumes I & II
  • Torvil & Dean, Face the Music, The Tour
  • Katerina Witt and Friends
  • Figure Skating Super stars Brian Boitano and Friends
  • Gustave Lussi's Systematic Figure Skating Vol I & II
  • Magic of Style Vol I, II, & II
  • Nutcracher on Ice (another one)
  • Skating and Gymnastic Spectacular
  • Magic Memories on Ice II
  • Figure Skating, the Art of Classical Ballet
  • Path to Perfection
  • Torvill and Dean and the Russian All Stars
  • Torvill and Dean Ice Dance Seminar
  • Torvill and Dean Highlights

More Videos

The information in this section was taken verbatim from a posting on rec.skate several years ago. Some of it is probably out of date.

Skating Videos

Hockey/Figure/Precison Skating

The following have been taken from "Skater's Edge" Nov/Dec 92, "Skating"
June 93, "American Skating World" Jul 93, and various retailer's catalogs.

Retailer's addresses/phone #s are at the very end of list.

1992 Albertville Winter Olympics
Features highlights of most medal winners, including Wylie, Petrenko,
Yamaguchi, Kerrigan, Ito, Mishkutunok & Dmietriev, the Duchesnays, and
Klimova & Ponomerenko, plus Wylie-Kerrigan exhibition performance. 65 mins.
$19.95 from Video Sports. Also check local stores. (PS: I think you have to
specify the figure skating highlights video since there is also a correspond-
ing "overview" Olympics video with skiing highlights, luge, etc.).

1988 Calgary Winter Olympics
Features Boitano, Orser, Ito, Witt, Manley, Thomas, Gordeeva & Grinkov,
Watson & Oppegard, the Duchesnays, Semanick & gregory, and Bestemianova
& Bukin. Produced by ABC Sports, 150 mins. $29.95 from Rainbo Sports or
Video Sports.

Great Moments at the Winter Games
Offers rare competition footage and personal recollections from Albright,
Heiss, Graftstrom, Schafer, Henie, and the Brunets. Produced by Bud Greenspan
(1979). 47 mins. $19.95 from Video Sports.

1992 U.S. Open Competition
Features both Challenge Cup and Master Cup. $90 for complete set. $35
Challenge Cup only (men's and women's only); $70 Master Cup only; $15 per
individual performance. $3.50 postage. From Professional Skaters Guild of

Blades of Courage
Full-length feature film about a teenage skater and pressures at the Winter
Olympics (1987). Skating executed by Lynn Nightingale. 98 mins. $19.95 from
Video Sports.

The Cutting Edge
Full-length romantic comedy about competitive skating (1992). Skating exe-
cuted by Susan Carz, John Denton; cameo by Jo Jo Starbuck; choreography by
Robin Cousins. Look in video stores.

Don Cherry's Rock-Em Sock-Em Hockey
Action film on hockey, including great saves, best goals, and funny incidents
during games. 30 mins. $14.95 from Rainbo Sports.

Hockey: The Lighter Side
Shows a combination of bone-crunching checks, silly slips, and strange
circumstances on the ice, players' pranks and gags. 30 mins. $14.95 from
Rainbo Sports.

Hockey's Hardest Hitters
Shows moments from Soviet/NHL games, NHL All-Star games, Stanley Cup finals,
classic overtimes, and great comebacks. 45 mins. $14.95 from Rainbo Sports.

Ice Castles
Full-length feature film (1978) about competitive skating and a skater who is
blinded in an accident. 109 mins. $59.95 from Video Sports.

Ice Skating Showcase: Great Routines of the 1980s
Includes 14 routines from the 1980s World Profession Championships (Landover,
MD), including Hamill, Torvill & Dean, Carruthers, Protopopovs, Cousins,
Hamilton, and more. Boitano and Thomas are not included. 60 mins. $19.95
from Signals or VIEW, Inc.; $24.95 from Rainbo Sports or Video Sports.

The Immortals
Features Olympic Champions; rare footage of Sonja Henie. Produced by Bud
Greenspan (1980). 47 mins. $19.95 from Video Sports.

Magic Memories on Ice
Review ABC Sports-televised skating since 1962. Hosted by Peggy Fleming and
Dick Button. Featues Curry, Lynn, Hamill, Torvill & Dean, Orser, Boitano,
Fleming, Hamilton, and others. 90 mins. $24.95 from Signals, $21.95 from
Video Sports; $27.95 from On The Edge; $29.95 from Rainbo Sports Shop; and
$24.98 from USFSA.

Magic Memories on Ice II
Recently advertised during the Skate America '93 competition. I believe it
costs $19.95 +SH. 1-800-ABC-4VCR.

The Nutcracker: A Fantasy on Ice
Features Dorothy Hamill and Robin Cousins in Tschaikovsky's ballet with The
National Philharmonic Orchestra. Produced by Roy Krost (1983). 85 mins.
$21.95 from Video Sports.

Path to Perfection
Describes Torvill & Dean's career, including interviews with the skaters, their
coaches, parents and friends. Eight performances, including "Bolero" and
"Barnum" (1984). 52 mins. $39.95 from Rainbo Sports Shop; $19.95 from Video
Sports; $19.95 from Signals.

Rhythm Hits the Ice
Film (1940) about a girl who inherits an ice show in bankruptcy. With Ice
Capades ensemble. 80 mins. $19.95 from Video Sports (buy two for $32.95).

Sleeping Beauty
Features Robin Cousins and Rosalyn Sumners in an ice spectacular with other
artistic skaters (1987). 65 mins. $29.95 from Video Sports; $39.95 from
Rainbo Sports.

Snow White and The Three Stooges
Features Snow White (Carol Heiss) and the Seven Dwarfs (Three Stooges) with
two skating sequences (1961). 108 mins. $29.95 from Video Sports.

Sun Valley Serenade
Full-length romantic comedy (1941) with Sonja Henie, Milton Berle, and the
Glen Miller Orchestra. Nominated for three Oscars. B&W, 86 mins, sound-
track remastered. $24.95 from Video Sports.

Tribute to career of Toller Cranston: champion skater and acclaimed painter
and illustrator. Produced by Pen Densham & John Watson's Insight Productions
(1977). 26 mins. $34.95 from Video Sports.

Torvill & Dean with the Russian All-Stars
Torvill & Dean's tour in the United States. 75 mins. $24.95 from Video
Sports; $24.95 from Signals.

1987 Tour of Champions
Features Olympic & World Champions, with Witt, Thomas, Kadavy, Trenary, Manley,
Boitano, Fadeev, Bowman, Kotin, Bestemianova & Bukin, Gordeeva & Grinkov,
Valova & Vasiliev, Wilson & McCall, Semanick & Gregory. 95 mins. $29.95 from
Video Sports.

USSR - USA Ice Skating Exhibition
Shows local skaters and world champions (Klimova & Ponomarenko, Usova & Zhulin,
Gordeeva & Grinkov, Petrenko, Yamaguchi, Rudi Galindo, Steven Smith) in
Peninsula Figure Skating Club Program, Redwood City, CA (1990). 150 mins.
(full exhibition) or 105 mins (world class skaters) $45 or $35 from R & J

You're A Good Skate, Charlie Brown
Animated film with Peppermint Patty, Coach Snoopy and the Peanuts crew. 30
mins. $19.95 from Video Sports. (Currently there are only 10-11 videos left,
order soon!)

Eighteen Compulsory Dances
For judges. Available from the International Skating Union, Mr. B. Hasler,
General Secretary, Postfach CH-7270 Davos Platz, Switerland.

Gordie Howe Instructional Tapes
For skaters or coaches. Forwards (55 mins); defense (35 mins); stick
handling & passing (35 mins); shooting (50 mins); power skating (35 mins);
goal tending (60 mins); conditioning & coaching (55 mins). $18.95 each from
Rainbo Sports.

Harmony on Ice
Promotional tape of precision lines in action. $15 from USFSA.

How to Ice Skate
Basic look at how to improve ice skating. Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner with
coach John Nicks (1986). 60 mins. $24.95 from On The Edge or Video Sports.

Intermediate & Novice Pair Demonstration Video
For judges. Includes videotape, trial judging forms, and evaluation forms for
each level. Directed by William Smith. 65 mins. $15 from USFSA.

International Dances Video
For judges. Directed by Jim Disbrow. $15 from USFSA.

Junior & Senior Pairs Tests Demonstration Video
For judges. Includes videotape, trial judging forms, and evaluation forms for
each level. Produced by USFSA JETS Committee (1991). $15 from USFSA.

My First Skates
Describes 15 basic skills. Gives children and first-time skaters skills,
confidence, and safety tips. Featues instructor Leslie Heffron, students, and
Maxmillan, the skating St. Bernard. 30 mins. $21.95 from Rainbo Sports.

Novice Original
For judges. Includes a deduction sheet, judging form, examples of original
program deductions as guidelines for judges, required elements for singles.
Directed by Janet Allen. $15 from USFSA.

Pre-Pair Test and Video
For judges. Includes videotape with recommended elements, capsule guideline
for judging preliminary pair test, trial judging forms, preliminary pair
information, and judging committee test sheet. Directed by William Smith
(1990). 23 mins. $15 from USFSA.

Precision Video
For clubs, coaches, and judges. Demonstrates how to develop a precision
routine, including musical selection, choreography, and team presentation.
Also, an analysis of a complete a national junior team routine and detailed
photographs of hand grips. Produced by USFSA Precision Skating Committee.
19 mins. $15 from USFSA.

Senior Pair & Junior Pair Original and Long Program
For judges. Displays original program elements individually and incorporated
into the program, other lifts for long program, and three complete long
program. Produced by USFSA JETS Committee; narrated by pairs coach John Nicks
(1990). 33 mins. $15 from USFSA.

Skating Beautifully
Inga Schilling demonstrates five-part program on ice; includes warm-ups,
stretching, and proper posiiton while skating. 60 mins. $34.95 from Rainbo

Soviet-American Ice Dancing School & Workshop
Shows full school and workshops (1989); demonstrations by USSR Team, with
Usova & Zhulin, and Klimova & Ponomarenko. Little/no editing. 10-11 hrs.
$125 (7 tapes) or individual tapes. From R & J Video.

Sports Psyching for Figure Skaters
Helps young skaters improve concentration and self-confidence for competitions.
Illustrated separately for novice and senior levels. Written/produced by
psychologist Dr. Garry Martin of the Univ. of Manittoba (1989). 36 mins.
$22.50 from Communication Systems, Educational Support Services, University of
Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 2NT Canada; (204) 474-9508.

Torvill & Dean Ice Dancing Seminar
Features Dean & Torvill talking about their ice dancing principles, practices,
and philosophies at a Sun Valley seminar. Includes performance footage from
1990 U.S. tour plus specific instruction and demonstration of required dances.
Demonstrate weight, balancing, and positions for new skaters. $59.95 from
Rainbo Sports Shop. Shorter version also available.

The Magic of Style I
For skaters of all levels and coaches. Describes how to enhance performances
with style, including posture, stroking, and arm positions. Produced (1991) by
Ann-Margreth Frei, former Swedish Champion. 60 mins. $49.95 from Magic of
Style, P.O. Box 2676, Vail, CO 81658.

The Magic of Style II
Contents include flexibility, extending the range of motion, exercises for
spirals and spiral variations, techniques for butterflies, and more. Contact
is listed above.

Systematic Figure Skating
A series of four video tapes documenting Gustave Lussi's techniques for
teaching spins and jumps. Vol. I shows him teaching three spins: sit, back
scratch, and scratch), and includes his five-step entry and four-step exit
footwork for spins. Skaters include Paul Wylie. Vol. II shows Mr. Lussi
teaching the camel spin, flying camel, and flying sit spin. Produced by
Cecily Morrow; directed by Doug Wilson of ABC Sports.

Write: Cecily A. Morrow; 207 Earle Ave, Easton, MD 21601, or call

Currently two other instructional videos are available from the producers
at Lussi Technical Video: STROKING EXERCISES ON ICE: The Dance Training
Methods of Natalia Dubova features the coach of Olympic Medalists Usova
& Zhulin, Klimova & Ponomarenko, and Gritschuk & Platov teaching
freeskaters her world famous techniques for producing more power, control,
and speed in all aspects of skating; ICE SKATING FOR EVERYONE: The
Beginner's Guide to a Lifetime Sport leads the viewer, step-by-step,
from proper skate lacing, off-ice preparation, and first steps on the
ice, through basic edges and crossovers. Ideal tool for all ages wishing
to learn the basics of skating. Both titles available from ICE COMMAND,
207 Earle Ave., Easton, MD 21601, USA, or call 410-820-5614

Skate America 1991

Men's OP: $32
FS: $37

Ladies OP: $32
FS: $37

Pairs OP: $32
FS: $37

Compulsory Dances: $37
Original Dance: $32
Free Dance: $37

Exhibition of Champions: $50

Opening & Closing: $35.00

All television standards are available on VHS.

VHS.....NTSC - PAL - SECAM......(List country)
BETA....NTSC only

R & J Video
See ordering info below.


1993 U.S. Figure Skating Championships (Phoenix, AZ):

Events Available:

Men (SR, JR, NOV): OP: $37, FS: $47, Both: $80

Ladies (SR, JR, NOV): OP: $37, FS: $47, Both: $80

Pairs (SR, JR, NOV): OP: $37, FS: $47, Both: $80

Dance (SR, JR): CD: $47, OD: $37, FD: $47, All: $115

Novice Dance: IR: $47, FR: $47, Both: $85

Exhibition of Champions: $57

Specify Beta or VHS.

Add $4.00 postage & handling for each tape.

Calif. residents add appropriate sales tax.

Visa & Mastercard accepted.

Make checks payable to: R & J Video
P.O. Box 70287
Stockton, CA 95267

R & J Video's phone number is: (209) 476-0124.

1990 U.S. Figure Skating Championships

Same as above with the following exceptions:

There are no Novice Ladies OP or Novice Pairs OP tapes available.

"World Champions On Ice"
- produced by NBC Sports

"Highlights of the 91-93 World Championships directly from NBC, featuring
past and current men's, ladies, and dance champions in competition performances.Relive the excitement and share the ultimate experience of the World
Championships. Running time: 46 minutes."

Features: Bowman, Eldredge, Browning, Petrenko, Stojko, Usova & Zhulin,
Punsalan & Swallow, Klimova & Ponomarenko, Rahkamo & Kokko, Duchesnays, Ito,
Harding, Kerrigan, Bonaly, Baiul, Yamaguchi.

$19.95 plus $2.95 shipping & handling. Note: tapes cannot be returned once
they are opened, except for manufacturing flaws.

Order from: USFSA Gift Shop, 20 First Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
(Colorado residents add appropriate sales tax). Or telephone USFSA Order
Dept. 719-635-5200. Visa & Mastercard accepted.


Just released on video: Ice Skating All-Star Series: Carmen & Tango
(All Russian cast, taped in Moscow) $24.95
Include $5.00 shipping per order.
Call 800-USA-1996
For 46 page 1989 catalog with updates including 100 titles, send $5.00 (for
updates only send legal size SASE) to: Video Sports Productions, P.O. Box
2700, Westfield, NJ 07091


$22 each, 2/$43, 3/$64
Great Pro Routines of the '80s
Russian All-Stars Russian Fair
All-Stars: Carmen & Tango

Platoro Press
4481-A Floyd Drive
Columbus, OH 43232

The Russian Fair video is also offered by Video Sports at $24.95 plus $5.00 S/H. ______________________________

(Helpful Hint: I've kept the prices quoted above as up-to-date as possible; however, sales
and price changes do occur on occasion. If possible, you should call to place your order or
request a catalog ahead of time to be sure of the correct price.)


Ledin Photo & Video
22495 Madison
St. Clair Shores, MI 48081
(313) 778-8971
Postage: $3.00 per tape

On The Edge: The Skaters Catalog
1038 Sheridan Road
Winthrop Harbor, IL 60096
(708) 746-3655
Catalog $1; postage by weight and location

Professional Skaters Guild of America (PSGA)
P.O. Box 5904
Rochester, MN 55903
(507) 281-5122

R & J Video
Ron Singson
P.O. Box 70287
Stockton, CA 95267
(209) 476-0124 or (209) 275-5506
Free catalog in US; $5 overseas
$4.00 per tape for postage; add $.50 per each additional tape
$7.00 per tape tape mailed to foreign destination; $4.00 per additional tape

PO Box 64428
St. Paul, MN 55164
(800) 669-9696

20 First Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
(719) 635-5200

Video Sports Productions
P.O. Box 2700, Dept. 902
Westfield, NJ 07091
(800) USA-1996 or (201) 276-7790
46 page catalog: $5
postage: $5 per order (not tape)
(This company also sells tapes various U.S. Championships, Skate America
competitions and Olympics as far back as 1981. Send for the catalog.)

34 E. 23rd Street
New York City, NY 10010
(800) 843-9843 or (212) 674-5550

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