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LEVERAGE News No 1, September 1996

Welcome to the first issue of LEVERAGE NEWS

In this issue . . .

Co-ordinator's column InterACTS

Pedagogical issues Acronym key


Welcome to the first issue of LEVERAGE NEWS

This newsletter aims to keep you up to date with developments in the LEVERAGE project. For the duration of the project (1996-1998) LEVERAGE NEWS will appear twice a year, in the autumn and in the spring.

In each issue you will find the following features: the Co-ordinator's column giving an update on project progress; Pedagogical aspects discussed by one of the language teaching team; and Technophile looking at technical issues and challenges. As well as general news and information we will also be featuring a topic or theme relevant to LEVERAGE - the first application to come under the spotlight throughout this issue is Videoconferencing.

One of the European Commission's requirements of ACTS 1 projects such as LEVERAGE is that they communicate with each other to ensure the best possible sharing of results and experience. In LEVERAGE NEWS we have decided to dedicate a regular window to this collaboration (known as 'concertation' in the ACTS community) by featuring another ACTS project working in a related area, under the heading InterACTS. In this issue we are delighted to include an interview with Laurent Richard, Project Manager of DIVINE, an ACTS project dealing wholly with developing and enhancing desktop videoconferencing.

The next issue, in April 1997, will concentrate on Trials: how to prepare them, how to run them and how to assess results.

We hope you find LEVERAGE NEWS enjoyable and informative and would welcome receiving any comments, suggestions or contributions for future issues.

Philippa Wright
LEVERAGE Information Unit, CILT (UK)

1 Key to acronyms used in LEVERAGE NEWS.

Acronym key

Advanced Communications Technologies and Services
Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Directorate General
Human Computer Interface
Integrated Broadband Communications
Internet Protocol
Integrated Services Digital Network
International Telecommunication Union
Local Area Network
Multipoint Control Unit
Transmission Control Protocol
User Datagram Protocol
Wide Area Network

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