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LEVERAGE News No 3, September 1997

Welcome to the third issue of LEVERAGE News

In this issue . . .

Co-ordinator's column InterACTS

Pedagogical issues Conference report


Welcome to the third issue of LEVERAGE News

. . . the newsletter which aims to keep you up to date with developments in the LEVERAGE project.

Earlier this year the LEVERAGE team carried out an international survey of potential end-users of the type of advanced technologies and services being developed by LEVERAGE and other similar ACTS projects. As well as presenting an overview of the results of this survey we have decided to focus throughout this issue on market research, its importance and the major trends predicted for the use of advanced communications technologies, especially in the domain of education and training.

In the InterACTS section we are delighted to feature an interview with Gabriella Cattaneo, the project manager of FAIR, the ACTS project dealing exclusively with the socio-economic impact of advanced communications technologies in Europe and further afield.

We hope you find this issue of LEVERAGE News enjoyable and informative and welcome receiving any comments, suggestions or contributions for future issues.

Philippa Wright
LEVERAGE Information Unit, CILT (UK)

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