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LEVERAGE News No 4, July 1998

Welcome to the fourth issue of LEVERAGE News

In this issue . . .

Co-ordinator's column Native ATM services

Technophile LEVERAGE Conference report

Pedagogical issues Acronym key

Keynote conference address

Welcome to the fourth issue of LEVERAGE News

. . . the newsletter which aims to keep you up to date with progress in the LEVERAGE project.

Avid LEVERAGE watchers may notice that this issue of the newsletter appears a couple of months later than scheduled but is double the usual length -- reflecting the high level of activity in the project since the last issue.

In March and April, following the termination of the JAMES project which facilitated ATM connections for many of the transnational ACTS projects, the LEVERAGE consortium had to put its energies into negotiating a new 'technical annex' with the European Commission. This has now been completed and in the Technophile section Ramon Felder outlines the networking options currently being explored by the LEVERAGE engineers. This article is complemented by David Fernández's account of the experiments using Native ATM Services lead by the team in Madrid.

In Pedagogical issues Katherine Maillet gives a detailed report of the international trial of the LEVERAGE system which took place between INT, outside Paris, and the University of Cambridge in January to March 1998. Her article includes results from the end-user questionnaires and quotes from the students who put the system through its paces.

The first LEVERAGE conference Education in the communication age which took place in Cambridge in January was another major event which involved the whole LEVERAGE team as well as 80 delegates from throughout Europe and further afield. The keynote address was given by Mark Warschauer, a world authority on computer-mediated communication from the University of Hawai'i, and we are delighted to publish an extended summary of his paper in this newsletter as well as a report on the conference as a whole.

We hope you find this issue of LEVERAGE News enjoyable and informative and would welcome receiving any comments, suggestions or contributions for future issues.

Philippa Wright
LEVERAGE Information Unit, CILT (UK)

Acronym key

Advanced Communications Technologies and Services
Application Programme Interface
Asynchronous Transfer Mode
CLassical IP over ATM
Central Processing Unit
Dual Queue Data Bus
Fibre Distributed Data Interface
Internet Protocol
Integrated Services Digital Network
Joint ATM Experiment on European Services
ReSerVation Protocol
Windows Sockets

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