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LEVERAGE News No 5, February 1999

Welcome to the final issue of LEVERAGE News

In this issue . . .

Co-ordinator's column Technophile

Pedagogical issues LEVERAGE Conference report

Welcome to the final issue of LEVERAGE News

In this issue we include a substantial article on the technical aspects of setting up and managing the 3rd trial of the LEVERAGE system, as well as an account of this final trial from a pedagogical point of view which includes feedback from the students learning languages in the UK, France and Spain who put the system through its paces. On the back page is a brief account of the symposium Collaborative learning and working over networks hosted by the LEVERAGE team to mark the end of the project.

We hope you have enjoyed following our work through LEVERAGE News over the past 3 years and invite you to contact any of the partners if you would like further information.

Philippa Wright
LEVERAGE Information Unit, CILT (UK)

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