LEarn from Video Extensive Real Atm Gigabit Experiment

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Europa, the European Union's server
The Parliament, the Council, the Commission, the Court of Justice, the Court of Auditors and other bodies of the European Union (EU) invite you to their server. (Available in most European Languages)

CORDIS - Community Research and Development Information Service
CORDIS provides information about all Research and Technological Development (RTD) activities supported by the EU, and some privately funded RTD activities.

I*M-EUROPE - Information Market Europe
An interactive service of DGXIII of the European Commission providing the latest EU information on European markets for multimedia content and electronic information services.

Directorate General XIII - European Commission
... the focus of DG XIII's work will be on supporting the development of European information highways. This will mean the continued active promotion of trans-European interconnected advanced communication networks, general electronic services (such as e-mail), and telematics applications.

Infowin - ACTS Information Window
The main role of InfoWin is to improve the circulation of information, between ACTS projects, and from ACTS projects to the outside world.

ACTS News-Clips
A biweekly newsfeed produced by the InfoWin project - ACTS Multimedia Information Window - about developments in ACTS.

This site aims to make Human Factors expertise available to the ACTS community. It provides information about usability, user requirements analysis, interface design, usage trials etc.

National Hosts
The National Hosts were created in order to facilitate the implementation of the services experimentations of the European research ACTS programme.

National Host France

Spanish National Host

UK National Host

Telematics Application Programme
The Telematics Applications Programme, one of the European Commission's research programmes, is aimed at stimulating RTD on applications of information and/or communications technologies in areas of general interest.

Concord Home Page
A directory to the Telematics Applications Programme.

The Education and Training Sector of the Telematics Applications Programme
As one of the 12 Sectors of the Telematics Applications Programme in the European Commissionís Fourth Framework Programme, the Telematics for Education and Training Sector is supporting the development of access to lifelong learning for educators, learners, trainers and trainees alike through the use of new technologies.

TETRISS - Telematics for Education and Training - Intermediate Support Structure
The aim of TETRISS is to undertake a range of activities relating to the dissemination of the results and the overall promotion of the activities of the projects of the Telematics Applications for Education and Training Sector.

Telematics for Research
Telematics for Research is a sector within the Telematics Applications Programme to support the development and demonstration of innovative applications to enhance European collaborative research through deployment of telematics.

Telematics Applications - The Fourth Framework Document Library
From CORDIS - Community R&D Information Service

Telematics Finland
This publication describes the telematics profile in Finland.

Related Projects
BIC - Blueprint for Interactive Classrooms
This project involves the design and building of an interactive classroom for teaching distant learners using various audio visual technologies.

Didascalia - Language Multimedia

FAIR - Forecast and Assessment of Socio-Economic Impact of Advanced Communications and Recommendations
FAIR aims to support the ongoing impact assessment and forecasting of global developments (encompassing political, regulatory, strategic, industrial, service provision, application, tariffing, and technical issues) affecting the development of advanced communications in Europe.

GINA - Guidelines for Interoperability in Networks and Atm deployment
The primary goal of GINA is to create and disseminate guidelines about Network Evolution, Network Interoperability and ATM deployment, reflecting the latest findings and results of trials within ACTS.

RELATE - Remote Language Teaching over SuperJANET
ReLaTe is developing and testing video conferencing software for use in language teaching.

TEN - Trans-European Tele-Education Network
The main objective of the TEN project is to experiment the concept of "Real-Time Virtual Classroom" covering six European Countries, and based on an integrated satellite (HISPASAT and EUTELSAT) terrestrial (ISDN and LAN) network.

TEN-155 represents the Next Generation of European research networking. The high-speed network connects 16 national and one regional research networks. TEN-155 replaced the successful TEN-34 network when it became operational on 11 December 1998.

Other Useful Sites
CALICO - The Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium
With an emphasis on modern language teaching and learning, CALICO is a professional organization that serves a membership involved in both education and high technology.

CTICML - The Computers in Teaching Initiative Centre for Modern Languages
The CTI Centre for Modern Languages at the University of Hull aims to promote and encourage the use of computers in language learning and teaching in the UK.

ICDL - International Centre for Distance Learning
Part of the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) of the UK Open University, the International Centre for Distance Learning (ICDL) is a documentation centre specialising in collecting and disseminating information on distance education worldwide.

UKERNA - United Kingdom Education & Research Networking Association
UKERNA manages the operation and development of the JANET networks under a contract from the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) of the UK Higher Education Funding Councils.

USDLA - United States Distance Learning Association
USDLA's purpose is to promote the development and application of distance learning for education and training.

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