Author: José A. Mañas (PGP key)

MyPGP - Graphical interface for PGP

Electronic signatures

  PGP key
  fingerprint: 0ef0 c988 0f2a e581 77b8 b01e 85c4 31f4 b6ed dde6

Quick start

Use the sample keys directory to start, or prepare your own keys directory.

The installation is autonomous and easy to carry: just copy the keys directory. If you copy the keys directory and MyPGP executable on a USB drive, you can comfortably carry it with you: self-contained.

Similarly, if you have separate directories per project, or yoy wish to separate personal contacts and work contacts, it is enough to have several keys directories, choosing the appropriate on startup.


MyPGP supports the following standards:

100% compatible with:

This software is released as it is, the author declines any liability for errors or failures to meet users' expectancies.

The author does not retain any expoitation rights. Nevertheless, see BouncyCastle licensing conditions, as a background software.

Any comment, defect report, or suggestion for improvement are welcome at jmanas@dit.upm.es.

If you wish to support the programmer, make a small cryptographic donation!