Mundo IP

Introducción a los Secretos de Internet y las Redes de Datos


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AAL5   ATM adaptation layer 5
ACID   atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability
ADSL   asymmetric digital subscriber line
AES   advanced encryption standard
AH   authentication header (IPsec)
API   application programming interface
applet   aplicacioncita
ARPA DARPA advanced research projects agency
AS   autonomous system
ASN.1   abstract syntax notation 1
ISO/IEC 8824, 8825
ASP   active server pages
ATM   asynchronous transfer mode
B2B   business to business
comercio electrónico entre empresas
B2C   business to consumer
comercio electrónico con consumidor final
BBS   bulletin board system
BGP   border gateway protocol
bit   binary digit, unidad de información
BPL   broadband over powerline
bps   bits per second (bits por segundo)
Bps   bytes per second (octetos por segundo)
byte   conjunto de 8 bits
CA CPS certification authority (PKI)
CERT   computer emergency response team
CHAP   challenge handshake authentication protocol (VPN)
CIDR   classless inter-domain routing
CIR   committed information rate (frame relay)
CIX   commercial internet exchange
CMIP   common management information protocol
COM   component object model (Microsoft)
CORBA   common object request broker architecture
CRL PKI certificate revocation list (PKI)
CSP CA certification service provider
CSS   cascading style sheet
DARPA ARPA defense advanced research projects agency
DCOM COM distributed COM (Microsoft)
DDoS DoS distributed denial of service
DES   data encryption standard
DHCP   dynamic host configuration protocol
DHTML   dynamic HTML
DiffServ   differentiated services (QoS)
DMZ   demilitarized zone
DNS   domain name system
DOCSIS   data over cable service interface
DOM   document object model (XML)
DoS   denial of service
DSA DSS digital signature algorithm
DSL   digital subscriber line
DSS DSA digital signature standard
FIPS PUB 186-2
DTD   document type definition (XML)
DVMRP   distance vector multicast routing protocol
DWDM   dense wavelength division multiplexing
EDI   electronic data interchange
EJB   enterprise java beans
ESP   encapsulating security payload (IPsec)
ETSI   european telecommunications standards institute
FCAPS   network management functions: fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security
FTP   file transfer protocol
Gbps   giga bits per second (miles de millones de bits por segundo)
GBps   giga bytes per second (miles de millones de octetos por segundo)
GPRS   general packet radio service
GSM   groupe speciale mobile
global system for mobile communications
HFC   hybrid fiber-coax
HTML   hypertext mark-up language (WWW)
HTTP   hypertext transfer protocol (WWW)
IAB   Internet advisory board (1984)
Internet activities board (1986)
Internet architecture board (1992)
IANA   Internet assigned numbers authority
ICANN   Internet corporation for assigned names and numbers
ICMP   Internet control message protocol
IEEE   institute of electrical and electronics engineers
IESG   Internet engineering steering group
IETF   Internet engineering task force
IKE   Internet key exchange (IPsec)
IMAP   Internet message access protocol
IntServ   integrated services (QoS)
IP   internet protocol
IPng IPv6 IP new generation
IPsec   IP security protocol
IPv6   IP version 6
IPX   internetwork packet exchange
Novell's Netware local area networking software
ISAKMP   Internet security association and key management protocol (IPsec)
rfc2407, 2408
ISDN RDSI integrated services digital network
ISO OSI interconexión de sistemas abiertos
ISO   international standards organization
ISOC   Internet society
ISP   internet service provider
ITU   international telecommunications union
IX   internet exchange
J2EE   java 2, enterprise edition
JDBC   java database connection
JDS SDH jerarquía digital síncrona
Kbps   kilo bits per second (miles de bits por segundo)
KBps   kilo bytes per second (miles de octetos por segundo)
L2F   layer 2 forwarding protocol (VPN)
L2TP   layer 2 tunneling protocol (VPN)
LAN RAL local area network (e.g. a building)
LMDS   local multipoint distribution services
MAN   metropolitan area network (e.g. a campus)
MBone   multicast backbone
Mbps   mega bits per second (millones de bits por segundo)
MBps   mega bytes per second (millones de octetos por segundo)
MIB   management information base
MIME   multi-purpose internet mail extension
MPLS   multi-protocol label switching (QoS)
MPPE   Microsoft point-to-point encryption (VPN)
rfc3078, rfc3079
MS-CHAP   Microsoft CHAP (VPN)
NAP   network access point
NAPT NAT, PAT network address and port translation
NAT   network address translation
NCP   network control protocol
NetBEUI   NetBIOS enhanced user interface (Microsoft)
ODBC   open database connection
OLE   obect linking and embedding (Microsoft)
OSI ISO open systems interconnection
OSPF   open shortest path first
P2P   peer to peer
comercio electrónico entre particulares
PAN   personal area network (a few meters around)
PAP   password authentication protocol (VPN)
PBX   private branch exchange
PDF   portable data format, de Adobe Inc.
PKI   public key infrastructure
PLC BPL powerline communications
POP   post office protocol
POP   point of presence
POS   packet over SONET
POTS   plain old telephone service
PPP   point-to-point protocol
PPTP   point-to-point tunneling protocol (VPN)
PSTN RTC public switched telephone network
PTT   postal, telegraph, and telephone
PVC   permanent virtual circuit
QoS   quality of service
RAL LAN red de área local
RDSI ISDN red digital de servicios integrados
RFC   request for comments
rfc editor
RIP   routing information protocol
RMON   remote monitoring
RPV VPN red privada virtual
RSA   Rivest, Shamir and Adleman
RSVP   resource reservation protocol
RTC PSTN red telefónica conmutada
S/MIME   secure e-mail
SA   security association (IPsec)
SAP   service access point
SDH JDS synchronous digital hierarchy
servlet   servidorcillo
SIP   session initiation protocol
SLA   service level agreement
SLIP   serial line IP
SMTP   simple mail transfer protocol
rfc821, rfc822
SNMP   simple network management protocol
rfc2570, rfc2571, rfc2572, rfc2573, rfc2574, rfc2575, rfc2576
SOAP   simple object access protocol
SOHO   small office / home office
SONET   synchronous optical network
SQL   structured query language
SSL   secure sockets layer
TCP   transport control protocol
TLD   top level domain
TLS   transport layer security
TMN   telecommunication management network
UDDI   universal description, discovery, and integration
UDP   user datagram protocol
UMTS   universal mobile telecommunications system
URL   universal resource locator
uniform resource locator (WWW)
WAN   wide area network (a collection of LAN)
VoIP   voice on IP
VPN RPV virtual private network
Wi-Fi WLAN wireless fidelity
WLAN   wireless LAN
WPAN PAN wireless personal area network (Bluetooth)
WSDL   web services description language
WTLS   wireless TLS
WWW   world wide web
XML   extensible mark-up language
XSL   extensible stylesheet language (XML)
XSLT   extensible stylesheet language transformations