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Juan Quemada Vives
Professor of Telematic Engineering

+34 91 3367331,  +34 91 3367333,  <jquemada@dit.upm.es>
ETSI Telecomunicacion (B-202). Avenida Complutense 30, E-28040 Madrid, Spain

Full Professor at Telematic Engineering Department (DIT) of Telecom Engineering School (ETSIT) at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM), Head of Internet NG Research Group (where Isabel Application, Global Plaza, ViSH - Virtual Sciense Hub, Social Stream, Places, ... have been designed), holds the Telefonica Chair for Internet NG, entrepreneur and promoter of Agora Systems SA and MashMe.tv, made the first connection in Spain to an Internet service (email service) in 1985 together with other colleagues. Research focusses on collaborative, social and blended learning application design. Has a large involvement in European as well as Spanish research projects (FI-WARE, FI-CONTENT, GLOBAL Excursion, GLOBAL, Ecospace, Collaboration@Rural, iCamp, Euro6IX, ITECBAN, ....) and has authored of a large variety of publications.


Teaching Duties