Ada for LEGO Mindstorms NXT under Linux

Release based on GNAT GPL 2012

vehicle prototype

Read the Ada User Guide for LEGO MINDSTORSM NXT
(reproduced with permission from the Ada user Journal).

This package includes all the necessary tools to work with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT under a Linux host using Ada:

  • GNAT GPL 2012 toolchain targeted for ARM® microprocessors. It uses the Ravenscar run-time profile so Ada tasking features are available.
  • GDB, the GNU Project debugger, for LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT platform.
  • OpenOCD, the Open On-Chip Debugger to communicate GDB with the NXT's JTAG interface.
  • OpenOCD & GDB scripts to establish communication with the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT.
  • fwexec application, from LibNXT library, to upload your program's image, using USB, to the NXT's RAM and execute it.
  • Simple examples to get you started.

NOTE: All of these tools are freely distributed under GPL licences.
GNAT GPL for LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT has been developed by AdaCore, and ported to Linux by a UPM team.

This package was tested under Ubuntu 10.04 & 10.10 x86.

If you are interested in getting the software please contact us.