The ASSERT project at UPM

The ASSERT project at UPM

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The ASSERT project

ASSERT (Automated proof based System and Software Engineering for Real-Time ) is an integrated project (IP) co-sponsored by the European Commission under the Information Society Technology (IST) priority within the 6th Framework Programme (FP6). The project addresses the strategic objective of Embedded Systems.

The ASSERT main goal is to improve the system-and-software development process for critical embedded real-time systems, in the Aerospace and Transportation domains by:

  • Identifying and developing proven critical system families’ architecture, using a proof based development process supported by formal notations, component models, and innovative processes and tools.
  • Developing associated building blocks that can be composed, tailored and verified in open frameworks that shall be reused and shared by European teams across multi domain projects.

The ASSERT project at ESA

UPM role in ASSERT

UPM is one of the key partners in the DDHRT (Dependability, Distribution, and Hard Real-Time) cluster of the ASSERT project. The research activity of the cluster is aimed at developing new concepts and tools for developing the kind of complex, depenedable, distributed hard real-time systems envisaged in the ASSERT project. The most visible result of the UPM team is the development of the ASSERT Virtual Machine Kernel.

UPM Documents and technical notes (ASSERT partners only)

The ASSERT Virtual Machine

The ASSERT Virtual Machine is a specialized run-time environment for the execution of high integrity, distributed hard rea-time applications, based on the Ravenscar computational model. It has three main components:

  • A specialized real-time kernel, developed by UPM, and integrated with an adapted version of the GNATforLEON compiler developed by AdaCore.
  • An implementation of the SOIS MTS for SpaceWire, developed by SciSys.
  • A high-integrity version of PolyORB, a configurable middleware developed by ENST

Download the VM software (ASSERT partners only)

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