20th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies

Ada-Europe 2015

22-26 June 2015, Madrid, Spain

Architecture Centric Virtual Integration (ACVI 2015)

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Domain and Topics

Cyber-physical have increasingly complex architectures because of the intricacy of the multiple interdependent features they have to manage. They must meet new requirements of reusability, interoperability, flexibility and portability. These new dimensions favor the use of an architecture description language (ADL) that offers a global vision of the system. Due to the even more increased complexity of distributed, real-time and embedded systems, the need for a model-driven approach is more obvious. Models can be used to analyze the system from different perspectives (i.e. latency, scheduling, security, safety). By using models at the earliest in the development process, design issues are discovered earlier in the development process, which would then avoid their propagation across the development process. Using Model-Based analysis would then reduce development efforts and costs while improving system quality.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an opportunity to gather researchers and industrial practitioners to survey existing efforts related to model-based analysis of cyber-physical systems. Presentations and demonstrations will cover (but are not limited tool) model design, model-based analysis and validation and code generation.