20th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies

Ada-Europe 2015

22-26 June 2015, Madrid, Spain

Presentation Slides

On this page, you will find the slides of the various presentations of the conference

Keynote Talks

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Jon Perez. IEC-61508 Certification of mixed-criticality systems based on multicore and partitioning.

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Javier Rodríguez. Software Development of Safety-Critical Railway Systems.

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Andras Balazs. The central on-board computer of the Philae lander in the context of the Rosetta space mission.

Regular Sessions

Regular session 1: Language Technology

D. Pavletic, M. Voelter, S.A. Raza, B. Kolb, T. Kehrer. Extensible Debugger Framework for Extensible Languages.

H. Khanfar, B. Lisper, A.N. Masud. Static Backward Program Slicing for Safety-Critical Systems.

G. Nelissen, D. Pereira, L.M. Pinho- A Novel Runtime Monitoring Architecture for Safe and Efficient Inline Monitoring

Regular session 2: Real-Time Applications

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J. Zamorano, J. Garrido. Schedulability analysis of PWM tasks for the UPMSat-2 ADCS.

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S. Urueña, N. Pérez, B. Calvo, C. Flores, A. Jung. Guaranteeing timing requirements in the IXV On-Board Software.

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D. Garrido, M. Díaz. Maintenance of Reliable Distributed Applications with Open-Source Middlewares: Fifteen Years Later.

Regular session 3: Critical Systems

A. Baldovin, A. Zovi, G. Nelissen, S. Puri. The CONCERTO methodology for model-based development of avionics software

H. Mkaouar, B. Zalila, J. Hugues, Jmaiel. From AADL model to LNT specification.

O. Jaradat, I. Bate, S. Punnekkat>. Using Sensitivity Analysis to Facilitate the Maintenance of Safety Cases

Regular session 4: Multi-core, distributed systems

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S. Catellani, L. Bonato, S. Huber, E. Mezzetti. Challenges in the Implementation of MrsP.

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L.M. Pinho, B. Moore, S. Michell, S.T. Taft. An Execution Model for Fine-Grained Parallelism in Ada

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J.Fernández, H. Pérez, J.J. Gutiérrez, M. González Harbour. AFDX Emulator for an ARINC-based Training Platform.

Special Session

Advances on Methods

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F. Sánchez-Ledesma, J. A. Pastor, D. Alonso, B. Álvarez. A Task-Based Concurrency Scheme for Executing Component-Based Applications.

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J.S. Andersen. Persistent Containers with Ada 2012.

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S. Law, A. Coombes, M. Bennett, I. Ellis, S. Hutchesson. Effective Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis of DO178C Level A Software

Industrial Sessions

Ada Applications

P. Gast, D. Lesens. From Ada 83 to Ada 2012.

D. Sands. Automated trading with Ada.

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B. Lundin. WCS – Warehouse Control System in Ada.

Critical Systems in Industry

Tools at Work

Other slides

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C. Brandon.Reliability for Interplanetary CubeSats.