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Ángel Fernández del Campo. Associate Professor, Dpt. Ing. Sist. Telemáticos dit, E.T.S.I. de Telecomunicación etsit, Ciudad Universitaria, MADRID E-28040 (SPAIN), tel: +34 91 5495700 x.3027, fax: +34 91 3367333, Email: mailto: afc @ dit domain which is: dit.upm.es, WWW: http://www.dit.upm.es/~afc

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Employee Information

Job title: Associate Professor.

Key responsibilities:

Grade lecturing in
Redes y Servicios de Comunicación I and II. in Redes y Servicios Radio and Ingeniería de Redes y Servicios Telemáticos.
Postgraduate and doctoral lecturing in
Redes Satélite VSAT y Móviles and Broadcasting in Intranets.
Research in
Satellite Data Networks, Multimedia Communications and Tele-education Systems.

Department or workgroup: Department of Telematics Engineering (dit). Group on Data Communication Networks and Services.

Manager: León Vidaller Sisó.

Group Members: Vicente Burillo Martínez, Antonio Martínez Mas, Carlos Miguel Nieto, Francisco Javier Ruiz.

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Main Projects

Open Architecture and Schools in Society (Oasis ist)

OASIS is a project with a clear ultimate objective: to promote small virtual communities in schools within the public educational system. In particular, OASIS will pay special attention to the role of socialisation in traditional schooling, as one of the main assets of the public school system, and focus on how this role can be enhanced with the help of the Internet.

Trans European Network (TEN)

Tele-education experiments on a Pan-European satellite based network. Includes new technology in Satellite networks, multimedia stations and teleeducation systems. It also the performing and evaluation of teleeducation activities provided by actual educational organizations.
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Hot List

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Biographical Information

Technical University of Madrid

  • Associate Professor, 1989
  • Lecturer, 1985

Teice Control

  • Software Development Responsible, 1983-1985
    • Introduction of High Level, Concurrent Programming Languages into the Spanish Software Industry
    • Introduction of Unix Stations into the Spanish Software Industry

Secoinsa (Fujitsu Spain)

  • Software Development Responsible, 1982-1983
    • Introduction of OSI concepts in the design of communication products.
  • Technical Support Responsible of one Product Line, 1981-1982.
    • Building up of the internal education network for the technological update of the company support people.

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Personal Interests

Satellite Communications
VSAT networks have open  satellite communications as an interesting alternative to terrestrial data networks. Satellite network architectures and topologies are still quite simple. New satellite access schemes should be developed in order to make such networks operative in rich actual data communication systems.
Data Services on top of Digital TVBibliographyIcon.jpg (1091 bytes) see
The broadcast capability of TV systems, both terrestrial an satellite, is now being recognized as an interesting media for data communications. This new recognition has been possible because the  change of TV technology to digital systems and because of the envisaged new multimedia services.
Multimedia Communications
As the services to be provided through the above mentioned networks.
A very special multimedia service in my working environment; that is, the University.
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