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Jose M. del Alamo  Jose M. del Alamo

Telephone: (+34) 91 06 72106
Email: jm.delalamo (AT) upm.es
Postal address: C-218, ETSI Telecomunicación · Avda. Complutense 30, Madrid 28040, Spain
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Recent publications

  1. Danny S Guamán, David Rdoriguez, Jose M. Del Alamo, Jose Such. Automated GDPR compliance assessement for cross-border personal data transfers in Android applications. Computers & Security. 2023
  2. Jose M. Del Alamo, Danny S Guaman, B García, A Diez. A systematic mapping study on automated analysis of privacy policies. Computing. 2022.
  3. Danny S Guaman, Jose M. del Alamo, Julio C. Caiza. GDPR Compliance Assessment for Cross-border Personal Data Transfers in Android Apps. IEEE Access. 2021
  4. Julio C Caiza, José M del Álamo, Danny S Guamán, Ángel Jaramillo-Alázar. An exploratory experiment on privacy patterns: limitations and possibilities ACM SIGAPP. 2021
  5. Danny S Guaman, Jose M del Alamo, Julio C Caiza. A Systematic Mapping Study on Software Quality Control Techniques for Assessing Privacy in Information Systems. IEEE Access. 2020
  6. Julio C Caiza, Yod-Samuel Martín, Danny S Guamán, Jose M Del Alamo, Juan C Yelmo. Reusable Elements for the Systematic Design of Privacy-Friendly Information Systems: A Mapping Study. IEEE Access. 2019
  7. Michael Colesky, Julio C Caiza, Jose M Del Alamo, Jaap-Henk Hoepman, Yod-Samuel Martín. A system of privacy patterns for user control. ACM SIGAPP. 2018.
  8. Yod Samuel Martín García, Jose M del Álamo. A metamodel for privacy engineering methods. IEEE IWPE. 2017.
  9. Seda Gürses, Jose M. Del Alamo. Privacy Engineering: Shaping an Emerging Field of Research and Practice. IEEE Security and Privacy, vol. 14, no. 2, pp. 40-46, 2016.


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