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Jose M. del Alamo  Jose M. del Alamo

Telephone: (+34) 91 06 72106
Email: jm.delalamo (AT) upm.es
Postal address: C-218, ETSI Telecomunicación · Avda. Complutense 30, Madrid 28040, Spain
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Recent publications

  1. David Rodriguez, Jose M. Del Alamo, Celia Fernandez-Aller, Norman Sadeh. Sharing is not always caring: Delving into personal data transfer compliance in Android apps. IEEE Access. 2024.
  2. Boni García, Filippo Ricca, Jose M. del Alamo, Maurizio Leotta. Enhancing Web Applications Observability through Instrumented Automated Browsers. Journal of Systems and Software. 2023.
  3. David Rodriguez, Jose M. Del Alamo, Miguel Cozar, Boni García. ROI: a method for identifying organizations receiving personal data. Computing. 2023.
  4. Danny S Guamán, David Rdoriguez, Jose M. Del Alamo, Jose Such. Automated GDPR compliance assessement for cross-border personal data transfers in Android applications. Computers & Security. 2023
  5. Jose M. Del Alamo, Danny S Guaman, B García, A Diez. A systematic mapping study on automated analysis of privacy policies. Computing. 2022.
  6. Danny S Guaman, Jose M. del Alamo, Julio C. Caiza. GDPR Compliance Assessment for Cross-border Personal Data Transfers in Android Apps. IEEE Access. 2021
  7. Julio C Caiza, José M del Álamo, Danny S Guamán, Ángel Jaramillo-Alázar. An exploratory experiment on privacy patterns: limitations and possibilities ACM SIGAPP. 2021
  8. Danny S Guaman, Jose M del Alamo, Julio C Caiza. A Systematic Mapping Study on Software Quality Control Techniques for Assessing Privacy in Information Systems. IEEE Access. 2020
  9. Julio C Caiza, Yod-Samuel Martín, Danny S Guamán, Jose M Del Alamo, Juan C Yelmo. Reusable Elements for the Systematic Design of Privacy-Friendly Information Systems: A Mapping Study. IEEE Access. 2019
  10. Michael Colesky, Julio C Caiza, Jose M Del Alamo, Jaap-Henk Hoepman, Yod-Samuel Martín. A system of privacy patterns for user control. ACM SIGAPP. 2018.
  11. Yod Samuel Martín García, Jose M del Álamo. A metamodel for privacy engineering methods. IEEE IWPE. 2017.
  12. Seda Gürses, Jose M. Del Alamo. Privacy Engineering: Shaping an Emerging Field of Research and Practice. IEEE Security and Privacy, vol. 14, no. 2, pp. 40-46, 2016.


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