Industrial applications

MultiPARTES results will be demonstrated by applications from aerospace, offshore wind turbines, video surveillance, railway and automotive - all of them relevant sectors for the European economy.

ALSTOM will use the MultiPARTES tools for the integration of multiple existing and new systems with assorted levels of criticality: the farm control, turbine control, yawing control, pitch control, and communications of a wind park development project.

The MultiPARTES spatial and temporal isolation techniques will enable Visual Tools to deploy third-party applications (e.g. navigation and mobile payment applications) into a single standard device without affecting the criticality of the video monitoring.

FentISS will engineer a software framework for time and space partitioning payload applications. This is an open issue under development devoted to the space market. It aims at reducing the effort for integration, verification and validation. The quality and maturity of the XtratuM hypervisor will be improved decreasing its weight and volume by 20% while increasing the performance by 60-80%.

IKERLAN-IK4 will develop a railway case study integrating in the same platform signalling and communications systems that were separated before. MultiPARTES tools and methodology will be used for engineering multiple systems with assorted criticality.

TRIALOG will combine safety related (such as emergency active break) with non-safety related automotive applications (such as infotainment).