Nowadays it is often required to integrate multiple existing systems with assorted levels of criticality. This results in growing complexity of systems which makes the integration of dependability an issue in many domains leading to unacceptable development costs and time to market, especially for SMEs, also due to the price of the required tools.

The ability to combine previously independent system applications into a single computation platform is a major enabler for mixed- criticality. The goal is to save cost and the overall reliability since fewer wires and connectors are required. In some domains (e.g. space and automotive), the integration of mixed-criticality is becoming essential to optimize weight, volume, and energy consumption.

The main goal of the MultiPARTES is to support mixed criticality for trusted embedded systems based on multicore open source virtualization . This will be done through the definition, demonstration and validation of a complete methodology and tools. An average 30% effort reduction on the engineering of mixed- criticality embedded systems is envisaged.